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Welcome to Corinthian Masonic Lodge No. 481 A.F & A.M GRC

History Of Corinthian Lodge #481
(Prepared By Lodge Historian W.B. Alfred J. Quinn)


  1. W.Bro. John Stephens ... W.M. 1907-8
  2. W.Bro. Wilbur Jones ...... I.P.M.
  3. VW.Bro. J. Wesely Jones ...... S.W.
  4. W.Bro. Jackson L. Little...........J.W. 1909
  5. W.Bro. John Nicholson
  6. W.Bro. Chas. M. Corton......Sec.
  7. W.Bro. Wm. J. Wilson...... D.C.
  8. W.Bro. W. H. Hutchinson.......Treas.
  9. Bro. Alexis. G. Alexander
  10. Bro. Alexander Beatty
  11. Bro. Thomas Black..........Chaplain
  12. Bro. Geo. H. Brydon
  13. Bro. W. B. Capon
  14. Bro. Major J.McA. Currie
  15. Bro. Wm. Crane
  16. Bro. Wm. C. Cook
  17. Bro. J. M. Downer....S.S. 1911
  18. Bro. D. F. Donald
  19. Bro. W. A. Downer
  20. Bro. Jno. A. Ferguson.......S.D.
  21. Bro. A. H. Hoover
  22. Bro. M. D. Hall
  23. Bro. T. B. Jones
  24. Bro. Dr. G. G. Jordan
  25. Bro. J. J. Kennersley
  26. Bro. Dr. E. E. King............J.D.
  27. Bro. Walter Kyle
  28. Bro. Wm. Kyle
  29. Bro. W. J. Lunness
  30. Bro. F. B. Moore................I.G. 1910
  31. Bro. R. McCallum
  32. Bro. W.H.S. McCallum
  33. Bro. D. McDougall
  34. Bro. J. E. Nickolson
  35. Bro. W. J. Nesbitt
  36. Bro. Jon. T. Orr...........J.S. 1912
  37. Bro. Walter Page
  38. Bro. L. H. Ploss
  39. Bro. Chas. T. Pearce
  40. Bro. F. J. Sherman
  41. Bro. Jos. Twigg
  42. Bro. J. D. Treloar
  43. Bro. H. M. Thornton
  44. Bro. Alfred Trenwith
  45. Bro. T. E. Vallentyne
  46. Bro. G. L. Vivian
  47. Bro. W. R. D. Wright
  48. Bro. J. H. Williamson
  49. Bro. A. J. Wilson
  50. Bro. Arthur Young

In the years 1906 - 1907, the Grand Master was Most Worshipful Bro. James Burritt.

A group of Brethren from Stevenson Lodge approached Grand Lodge with a request to form a new Lodge during 1906. After a number of special meetings with Stevenson Lodge the Grand Master concurred and agreed that the forming of a new Lodge would be constructive.

The application to Grand Lodge was approved, a Warrant duly issued and thus Corinthian Lodge A.F. & A.M. No. 481 was inaugurated on Jan.10, 1907, in the Masonic Hall at 801 Yonge Street. Worshipful Master John Stephens was installed in the chair of King Solomon, and there were many supporting Stevenson Brethren attending, on this special occasion, of whom, approximately 50 became chartered members of the new Lodge.

There were a good number of Grand Lodge Officers and a number of  local Lodges were well represented. It is understood, that the Most Worshipful Bro. James Burritt was also present.

A fine dinner was served which all enjoyed, and there were many toasts to the success and prosperity of the new Lodge.

In the months and years to follow, there were many exchange visits between the two Lodges and a solid Masonic bond was maintained.

During the 1st year, initiations and affiliations raised the membership in 1907 to 79. By the end of 1910 membership rose to 231. The Lodge prospered and continued to grow and by 1920 membership had increased to 340.

The Lodge relocateded to 888 Yonge St., in 1922 and had an average attendance of 98 members per meeting. In the same year they made their first of many exchange visits to Lodge Demolay #498 (Buffalo), these visits were well supported.

In 1930, as was common throughout the craft, membership decreased to 244. In 1940 there was an increase to 297, largely due to the increased military strength. The trend continued and by 1950 there was a further increase to 336.

Membership started to decrease in 1960 and after many demits,  the numbers thinned out and dropped to 243. Loss of membership continued and by 1970 they had decreased to 157.

In the year 1976 Corinthian #481 moved to Richmond Hill Temple at 112 Crosby, Richmond Hill. The first entry for this address is of an Emergent meeting on Thursday Sept 2, 1976, with W. Bro Norman Crone in the chair, attendance was poor, indicating that the move may not have been entirely popular. There were just 10 members present, with one US visitor from Demolay 498.

However attendance gradually improved over the next several months to approximately 20 per meeting. In 1980 membership was 119.

During 1983 we find the first entry in the register at the current address of 411 Millard Avenue, Newmarket of a Regular meeting on January 5th, with W. Bro. Hann in the chair. There were 26 members and 84 visitors present; a large number from Tuscan Lodge No. 99.

By the end of 1990 membership was fairly steady at 110,  and we had an average of 25 members in attendance, per meeting, during that era. In 2000, membership was averaging 112 approx. with similar attendance as for the 80's.

Corinthian lodge is continually indebted to Tuscan Lodge 99 who have supported our Lodge since our arrival in Newmarket and we give thanks to have such fine neighbours.

This year, finds the Lodge with many younger Brethren who are eager to take on the work of the Lodge and do so with expertise and enthusium. We look forward with confidence to a bright and happy future, as we make plans for our 100th anniversary in 2007.

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